23 Best Quotes About Life - Will Give You Success [ Motivational Quotes ]

            23  Best Quotes about life - Will give you Success [ motivational quotes ]

Best quotes about life - you will never found this kind of beautiful quotes anywhere. This is the collection of finest quotes of all time as well as motivational quotes . Sometimes the life does not want to continue, nevertheless we will continue, we do adjust with all the things , U know why ? Because the life is only one ..
so, Dear friends  shakes all the sorrows & enjoy this beautiful life ..
 Here are some best cute quotes about life only for you ...Enjoy the lines...

  • There are some questions in life whose answer never matches, there are some mistakes which can not be refined, and there are some problems which can not be told to anyone.

  • Foolish people may know to disturb others. But they never knows to cheat anyone.

These days dishonest people are popular , honest people suffering from bad guys.

  • There is no word in my dictionary "impossible"                                                        - Napoleon Bonaparte

  • Sadness seems to be very big, than happiness. But a success seems to be bigger, than the failure of thousands. 

  • Incompetent leaders only take action on them if the teammates make a mistake. True leaders take it, teammates make mistakes..

  • Small grains, point-to-point water, makes the continent, the underside of the sea.

  • Hold the word, not the voice. Remember - the storm is not growing, the flowers grow in the rain.

  • No girl in the world will leave the owner of six cars and go with six-packed boys, so stop going to the gym and go to work.

  • There will be defects in all human life. When a person who is over-filled will ask him, he will talk about his lack of sadness. There are no defects, only great saints and great men.

  • People of middle-class families can see the real form of the earth.

  • Some people are really helpless. There is no one to tell them the pain .Some of their unimaginable things remain in the heart, and some memories - later at one time it become a sigh.

  • Some people in the world probably grow up to suffer. it's not the money trouble - it's emotional trouble.

  • "Waiting is a sign of pure love. Everyone can say love. But everyone can not wait to prove that love.

  • "Human life is the life of waiting.

  • The woman who looks beautiful while she sleeping is the true beauty.

  • A married girl can never return to a virgin life. But maybe you can go around. If you try, you can go.

  • For the good boys, girls never feel love. they feel just sympathy.

  • Sometimes the relation of the soul beyond the relationship of blood! "

  • "Mother is the only bank in the world, where we keep all our sorrows, sufferings but , we get the pure love without any kind of interest.

  • The whole life of a man is a simple figure.The more days we go, the more we are going to solve it.

  • The present is the only true. Nothing is past, the future is far away. We live in present - not in the past nor in the future.
  • All the ugly things of life are done simply. A very beautiful girl can say the hardest word very easily.

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